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Feb 16, 2013 8:00am PST
of mobility particularly here in u.s. which is much more significant than other markets. >> katie: sounds like a good plan to me. >> certainly. today will be a beautiful day and most of weekend. outside we're going to have pretty pleasant weather. starting out with higher clouds. look at the hazy view from mount tam. 30s here and mid-50s elsewhere. still numbers above average today. not temperature and rain for presidents' day, come back and i'll have the outlook. >> katie: also ahead, what it means to be a snowplow parent, not related to the weather, more importantly i >> katie: welcome back. war coming up on 8:47. you are looking live from our roof cam. skyline of san francisco, transamerica pyramid, 67 degrees is going to be the high in the city this morning. few wispy clouds out there at this hour. lisa argen has more information. >> lisa: yesterday at this time it was 68 in half moon bay. so yesterday we peaked. still going to be move normal but as we head outside you can see the haze. higher clouds and east bay camera and these clouds will thin on out. high pressure still in control. we'
Feb 23, 2013 8:00am PST
-sex marriage debate. the obama administration filed a legal brief with the u.s. supreme court urging justices to strike down the federal defense of marriage act that defines marriage between a man and a woman. when dan ashley asked president obama about this very issue on wednesday during an exclusive one-on-one interview, the president was non-committal saying he needed to confer with the solicitor general about the proper strategy they should take. supreme court is set to fake up the issue in late march. >>> members of the marching band at john sweat high school is looking for help to find burglars that ripped off the band room this week. several thousands dollars of instruments were stolen between tuesday and wednesday. they are asking for them to be outlook for instruments being on sale on the internet. >> two athletes just returned from at trip of a lifetime. they went to cuba to play baseball. they are perhaps the first american high school team to travel there and play against their cuban counterparts. >> a big welcome home. they played against students in cuba. >> they played more for
Feb 2, 2013 8:00am PST
is jonathan bloom. >> this is rascal and his owner pamela. she may be in the u.s. coastguard but she knows who is the better swimmer. >> he would be much better. >> he knows without all the special gear, the dog would be swimming laps around him. that is the focus of a new campaign. >> if you see a dog struggling, don't rush out to them. >> the coastguard and national park service launched the campaign at the animal shelter. >> we have seen so many pet owners going in after pets. as pet lovers we understand, seeing all these people losing their lives is tragic. >> since november, five people drowned on northern california shore lines, four of the deaths have been in humboldt county and fifth in marin and it's attributed to sneaker wave, a big wave that sneaks up on you. >> sneaker waves, rogue waves, words they use to describe a wave that is out of the ordinary. >> this is blamed for sending three people to the hospital during the maverick surf contest. the timing wasn't a coincidence. winter is prime time for sneaker waves. >> its losing battle very quick. >> it's so cold. >> it's an ugly sit
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3